TEAM culture is the essence of the point of difference between THE LEARNING PROFESSIONALS and other training organisations. TEAM culture is all important in ensuring that customers get top notch service and excellent training with everyone working together in ‘a seamless process’ to ensure your experience is positive and productive.

Director, Joanne Cornelius, describes the culture as that of ‘enabling’ - where TEAM members are respected for their skills and talents, appreciated for their dedication to the job and rewarded for their Professional Attitude. All TEAM members are given opportunities to grow and break new ground with learning and gaining new experiences.

Joanne has a collaborative approach to decision making, underpinned by transparency and open communication.

Professional development and TEAM activities are also a key focus of culture with all members eager to be involved.

This is what the TEAM has to say when describing the culture:

"Off to a flying start! Our team is focused and dedicated! We’re ready... bright eyed and bushy tailed." 

"We’re dedicated to being the best in our areas of training. Totally responsive to customer needs, delivering the ultimate service when providing training."

"Our dedication is underpinned by highly skilled professionals who are all valued, equal in status and display integrity in their approach to work." 

"We listen to our customers and build relationships so we can understand their needs and provide them with the very best customised training. We take advantage of the opportunities to learn, grow and support others in their development while encouraging people to be the best they can be."

"I believe the team culture is the best I have had the privilege to work with. It is a caring and respectful environment where everyone helps each other. I believe we all have a common goal of being responsive and proactive."

"The culture at THE 
LEARNING PROFESSIONALS is one of collaboration. All of us are valued and our input is taken seriously with freedom to express ourselves bringing our expertise to the job. We truly are part of THE LEARNING PROFESSIONALS family, not just working for them"








A GOLDEN Attitude is

  • Always making today your best day
  • Taking pride in a job well done
  • Treating others with respect
  • Isolating negative thoughts
  • Treating every new task as an opportunity
  • Utilising your talents daily
  • Doing the job right the first time
  • Expecting positive outcomes daily
  • Speaking well of others every day