Training and Assessment

THE LEARNING PROFESSIONALS wish you all a happy holidays.

Our office is close form Monday 17 December 2018 to January 21 2019.

THE LEARNING PROFESSIONALS (formally L P Communications) has applied for the New TAE40116. Until we have this qualification on scope we are unable to provide information on the course expectations

Please be patient, however if you requre the qualifcation urgently please refer to the for your local provider.

If you would like to be added to the waiting for approval list, please complete the following form and THE LEARNING PROFESSIONALS will be in touch once we are approved.

Certificate reprints and Verifications

Due to the overwhelming request for certificate reprints and Verifications, THE LEARNING PROFESSIONALS (formally L P Communications) will provided the details within 2 weeks of submission when the applicant meets the following requirements.

The reprint or Verification will be issued upon reciept of a payment of $30. L P Communication will issue the Certificate to

  • individual or 
  • an RTO or
  • a business 

The RTO and the Business must have written and signed permission from the certificate holder prior to release of private information


You are to email the following details to

  • Full name on Certificate Issued
  • Date of Birth
  • Qualification Issued
  • Approx date of Completion
  • Mailing address for Certificate and reciept 

You can make payment of $30 to 

L P Communications Pty Ltd

Bank of Melbourne

BSB           193879

Account      478308696

Ref             Surname of certificate holder