L. P. COMMUNICATIONS have a reputation as leaders in providing quality training in Geelong and are renowned for Training and Assessment. The culture at L. P. COMMS is one where all team members work hard at providing top notch service aiming to make your experience a positive and outcome focused experience.


Fly through your training

L. P. COMMUNICATIONS trainers have loads of industry experience and are up to date with current business practice. They are well versed with the world of work and the business community, so can offer practical advice about the world of work. The networks we have are second to none.
Come visit us, you will see... quality is infectious... we are flying high and you can be too!


Leap into your Career

You never know how a new qualification can catapult you into a new lease of life and the career you dream about.... whether you want to get a new job, gain the promotion you want or take your career to a new and different pathway – courses we have will give you the jump start. They are earthed, practical and vey focused on vocational outcomes for you.
We can also provide resume writing and interview skills training.... career advice to steer you in the direction you want to go.